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  • Shonte' aka OG Davis

    Shonte' aka OG Davis

  • SwanFinance


    Stake Swan tokens. Earn 20% interest per year. Celebrate.

  • Alessandro Geminiani

    Alessandro Geminiani

    Blockchain technology Researcher, Investor and Evangelist | alessandrogeminiani.com

  • Rachel Theriot

    Rachel Theriot

    Thinking about leadership, productivity, parenting, and mindfulness; dreaming of our infinite human potential. A die-hard fan of the Oxford Comma.

  • Vicki Ahmadi

    Vicki Ahmadi

  • Michael Kent

    Michael Kent

    Nationally touring Comedian Magician and Smartass. Husband. Amiable skeptic. As seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us on the CW Network! @michaelkent

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